Introducing Baby to Nature through Play and Programs


I am so blessed to have clean air to breath and green, open spaces that I can enjoy with my baby. It’s one of the privileges of living in Canada I guess you could say.  I’m not as much of an outdoors-woman as I’d like to be (insects definitely make me squirm, and I am a fool around spiders) but I do love just getting outside and being; not necessarily hiking or doing any specific activities, but just being out.

I loved watching Baby G exploring the grass, trees, and leaves this morning. I want her to have a connection to the environment, to appreciate it, enjoy it know exactly how it supports life- her life- because it’s pretty fascinating.  When Baby G gets older, I’d like to enroll her in some programs that teach her about gardening, wildlife, and sustainability. Here are a few programs and places I found to look into:

Wee Wild Ones, Museum of Natural History– Baby G and I went to this once, thanks to another local mom inviting us. The kids get to explore the museum and even see a few real animals in the main lobby. There is a puppet show and also time for free play.

Adventure Earth Centre/Earth Roots Experiential Learning– This is  a group that various programs all designed to teach young people, ages 7 to 16, about environmental stewardship, social responsibility and active, healthy lifestyles. For instance, they have an environmental day camp with a different theme every day, e.g. Nature Detective. Kids get to take part in activities along trails and around the Frog Pond. The cost for most of these programs is $325 per session.

Young Naturalists Club of Nova Scotia – This is a FREE nature club for families and children with programs running from September to June.  Free is great; it makes enjoying nature through such programs accessible for those who are new to this and those for whom cost for extracurricular programs is an issue. This program offers workshops, field trips, and presentations by volunteers and guest scientists!

Have you been to any of these programs? Do any spark your interest?


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