Car-Free Day in Kigali promotes healthy bodies and a gust of fresh air.

A (nearly) car-free street open for walking jogging, roller-skating, or bike riding. 

Every time I go online, I read something new about Rwanda- They’ve got wifi on the buses; their streets practically sparkle, they’re so clean! Women make up over half of the members of parliament.  It’s been almost six years since I left this country and the headlines make me ever more eager to return.

The latest is that Kigali has put in place a car-free day in a particular zone of the city- from Remera to the Central District. The purpose of this day is to promote sport and a healthy a lifestyle.

A section of the New Times articles published May 30th 2016 reads:

“After mass sports, people convened at Rwanda Revenue Authority headquarters where they had stretching and free medical checkup, marking the end of the weeklong free medical campaign of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) organised by Rwanda Biomedical Centre.”

What a great way to motivate people to get out and walk; with a free medical checkup and sports entertainment. The blend of education, free-health care service and education was a smart way to engage the public. And I suppose if the roads are already blocked off, people have no choice but to join in and have fun.

Part of the purpose of having a car free- day is to prevent non-communicable disesases sucha s high blood pressure and diabetes. You know these things are all too common in Cocoa communities.

This initiative is would be good for a person’s physical health and also good for the planet to get all those fumes out of the air for just one day.

This is a prime example of how planet health and human health go hand in hand.

How would you feel like a  monthly car-free day in your city of in part of it?



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