From Home Hangouts to Hiking: Switching Up Girls’ Night

My friends and I went for a hike a couple weekends ago and we loved it!

Normally when we hang out, it’s usually at one of our houses. We meet, we eat and we share. Occasionally we will watch a movie or play a game but usually we just eat and talk. Then with full bellies, we head home.

After our last girls’ night we decided we needed to switch things up.

We thought about going out to dance but then one of us said she had a tight budget and so we needed to do something that cost 10 dollars or was free. One of us suggested doing something outside. She suggested hiking or going to the beach and we voted on hiking.

Being outside, being active, and being together were so refreshing. You don’t realize how much you don’t move until you start moving. It was also a reminder of how much beauty there is around us that we just ignore because of our daily routines.

We climbed hills and I even faced my fears of heights ( tall, windy stairs where the stairs have no back *shudders*) and climbed an old watchtower. At the base of the tower we took time to share our goals with one another and speak life into them. Talk about elevation!

So in a few words I would describe our excursion as fun, fitness (enhancing), refreshing, freeing and FREE!

We will definitely be switching up girls’ night ( or day) more often and making sure we get outside for experiences that are all these things.





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