Organic and Vegan Beauty Discoveries

I’ve been trying to improve my make-up game in the past year and so last Christmas, when I asked a friend for help finding a “boom boom pow” lipstick, she suggested ‘Homegir’l by Kat Von D. I tried it on and though I had never worn such a dark shade before, the mirror declared that the union was meant to be.  You will see me wearing this color in pretty much every other one of my photos.


Little did I know that Kat Von D’s studded lipstick was vegan.  A few days ago, I asked my friends on social media for natural, vegan make-up for my multi-shaded Cocoa people and this line was one of them. When I bought ‘Homegirl’, I wasn’t looking for a vegan lipstick, I just wanted something fierce and fabulous. But I’m happy to know that my color of 2016 hadn’t been tested on animals. As for chemicals in make-up, I am honestly just starting to research what they are and why they may be harmful. I’ve read that there is discussion around whether parabens, preservatives found in personal care products, are linked to breast cancer.

No one want to have to think about this stuff when they’re just trying to have fun. I know I don’t. But I’m glad the information out there.  I want to know the basics of doing make-up and also what I’m putting into my pores.

This morning, while browsing a blog called mater mea, I came upon an article about a woman who started a cosmetic company to help women avoid fibroids.  The company is called Messenger Beauty and it is a one stop shop for women to order natural products online. She has gathered multiple brands in one place and has specific categories for organic and vegan products. From my initial browse, the prices look pretty decent too. $12.99 (US) for lipstick compared to $21.00 (CAD) at Sephora or MAC.  I love it when the right things and people start crossing your path once you start focusing on them.

If you want to keep it oh so simple like Kyla, a Cocoa + Green Feature who keeps her make-up to an absolute minimum, or like Alecia Keys who is going make-up free to the shock and admiration of many, I salute you.  If you are like me and want to (try to) get your fleek on every now and then this might be a good place to start.

Also look into your local beauty companies. There are always hidden gems when you start looking around you.


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