Ecology Action Centre has a Green Jobs Calendar (And we’re in it!)

One of the things I wanted to write about here on Cocoa+ Green was green jobs. A few weeks back  a member of the Ecology Action Centre’s (EAC) Energy Team told me they were doing a calendar all about green jobs and asked if I’d be interested in featuring in it.

Sure, I said. Honestly, I was and still am kind of nervous about having my blog shared so widely but I had to tell myself, ” Who cares? Ignore the insecurity and see what’s on the other side of a“yes”.  So I said yes.  I got to tell the story of why I started Cocoa+Green to a  Naomi who interviewed me and took my photos. She was really easy to talk to and we had a really cute spot at Just Us! Cafe.

Here’s a bit about the project from the EAC’s website:

“The EAC has been gathering stories from inspiring people from across Nova Scotia who work in our growing, green economy; from organic farmers, to small-scale fishers, to renewable energy installers and energy efficiency experts. Nova Scotia has a lot to celebrate.

Considering our region’s challenges, and our collective responsibility in the face of climate change, it is clear that we must move ambitiously toward a just transition to a low-carbon society.

 We think that this calendar highlights the strength, diversity and innovation that is coming out of Nova Scotia as we head in that direction.”

The calendars cost $15 and proceeds will go towards the EAC’s Energy Action Team.

If you  want to purchase a copy of the Green Jobs calendar, you can order it online here: ORDER YOUR CALENDAR ONLINE HERE! You can also order one by phone or in person at the EAC.

You will also be able to download the calendar from the EAC’s website so you can read the profiles there too.

So the work will be done for me.  Now I just have to wait until I get my copy so that we explore what people are up to here in Nova Scotia’s green economy.


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