Respect for Water Protectors

We have all been reading and watching for weeks about the Water Protectors in Standing Rock North Dakota.  As journalist Mark Sundeen wrote in  ”What’s happening in Standing Rock”,  the controversy brings to light the nation’s ugly present on racism and climate change.

What it also demonstrates is what it means to stand up for something. The Standing Rock Sioux and supporter are being shot at with rubber bullets, blasted with water cannons in sub-zero temperatures and facing other physical abuses from security and police officers.

On December 4th the Water Protectors saw a glimpse of victory as the federal authorities, the US Army Corps of Engineers, (FINALLY) ordered that construction of the Dakota Access Pipleline be paused. They have decided not to give the company an easement (permit) they need to continue constructing the pipeline beneath the Missouri River where it crosses Lake Oahe.

I say a glimpse of victory because I’ve read that despite the ordered stop, has continued to dig to lay the pipeline and that they are collecting a fine of tens of thousands of dollars a day.

Where is our foresight? Where is our respect for one another and the earth we ALL share? What won’t we do for money?

Here are a couple of articles to read if you are interested:

This one talks about the consideration for other routes:

This talks about the story that the pipeline was rerouted from Bismark county because of concerns from the (“mostly white”) population. Provides some context for those claims:


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