Whose footprints are these?

I decided to take a walk in my backyard a few days ago. Something had been there before me, i realized as I noted a curious set of prints in the snow.  They didn’t look like tracks of an obvious animal- a dog or a cat.

There was something strange about these footprints: they were in a single line, then opened and then came back together.

See for yourself. It’s faint but look closely:



Odd, no?

They started off in a line as if it was one creature; But then opened, up, then came back together, like a broken zipper.

Then I saw these. Are these from a deer?


I feel so ignorant not knowing how to identify animal tracks, not knowing the names of trees. But, this is why I decided to get away from the screens and get outside today.  We’ve become so dependent on the automated, artificial world for better or worse at the expense of knowledge of our physical environment. Something was just telling me, “go outside and walk around. It will be good for you.”

The backyard animal kingdom is fascinating… Haha- or is it that i don’t get out much?

I’m gonna say it’s both.

If any of you know what kinds of animals made these tracks, let me know?




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