Earth Day 2017 at the Good Robot

This Earth Day,  I celebrated with the good folks at the Good Robot Brewing Company at their event called Earth Day Hangover.  Why ‘hangover’? It was the day after earth day- April 23rd instead of 22nd- and brewing… hanging out.. hang over…you get it right? Okay.

It was a full afternoon of guests and activities. Moo Nay Farms was there with baby goats and I held a baby goat for the first time. The owner, or their steward, I’d rather say, came over and literally plopped the animal in my arms. I held it long enough to take this photo and then passed the sweet thing on.


I learned about a natural body product company called Seaside Organics. The owner and her partner were probably in the top five sweetest couples I’ve met.  They were sweet to each other and me as well, giving me a sample bag of their products. I got pretty much everything in lemongrass, lavender and unscented. After dancing for almost five hours yesterday I can’t wait to use the Sweet Floral bath salts.

Seaside Organics

A group called If You Build it built a solar panel that could charge people’s cell phones. I didn’t get there in time to help build it but I’d love to try one day.


Not only was I there for the coolness of an Earth Day Celebration. I and fellow poet Martha Mutale were there to feature as the GoodWill Bots. Organizers Shauna and Erica brought us on to share our poetry as a way to fundraise for our trip to Verses Festival in BC!  One dollar off of each pint sold went to our fundraising pot and helped us to fly to BC and participate in the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam!

Here we are, getting ready to “poe”.



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