A Library of Stuff is a Brilliant Idea

Having a library of stuff makes so much sense.

At Toronto’s Sharing Depot people go to borrow are paper shredders, chocolate fondue fountains, folding chairs, and sewing machines. These are all occasional use items that  take up space in our homes but don’t have to. I think about the items I only use every once in awhile – the iron, sleeping bags, summer sports equipment.

I’ve written in my life plan that I want to live in a community where I can borrow things from my neighbors. Imagine if we planned with our neighbors to share tools and appliances that we only use occasionally.  Then we wouldn’t all have to have our own snow blower, wheelbarrow, or fondue fountain. Imagine the money you would save along with space! I’m all for this library of stuff for the purposes of saving money, reducing consumption, and creating community.

Read the article on Toronto’s The Sharing Depot.


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