Warning and Empowerment: Fabrice Montiero’s “The Prophecy” Will make you think twice about continuing to trash Gaia

This Beninese Photographer’s name is Fabrice Montiero and the sculptures in his series “The Prophecy” are both awe-inspiring and terrible. I use the word ‘terrible’ in a reverent way; as in “a terrible force of wind knocked down the tree”.  They are terrible in the truth they tell and  awe-inspiring in how collected pieces of trash have become seemingly live spirits.

The message behind ” The Prophecy is  to call attention to our ways of overconsumption, mal-treatment of the earth in various ways, including the creation and use of products that devastate natural habitats, water sources, land and the lives of other living beings.

Take a look for yourself:

Fabriece MONTIERO- “The Prophecy”

The Prophecy- Fabrice Montiero




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